Smart Airport

Smart Airport Solution

The AAMS is essentially an application to provide espousal to the manual process, that is currently being followed, into an automated logic that runs through a dash board and a Mobility Platform.
The AAMS has been designed to provide Real-time situational Awareness, Automated Notification, Operational Predication, Structured works and an Analytical ability for the operations at CSIA, to aid in the decision making.
We provide the winning edge to our clients by leveraging our knowledge and experience in Aviation domain and through innovative IT solutions. Our understanding of core business processes of this sector (Airlines & Airports), business challenges faced and technology hurdles which need to be overcome – enables us to conceive and execute solutions which have lasting business impact on our customers. Our experience ranges from successfully providing Application development & Maintenance Services, System Integration Services, Legacy Modernization, Analytics & Information Management for sectors like aviation to being a thought partner in devising strategic solutions for managing various functional processes. Major thrust of our solutions and services has been on improving operational efficiency while keeping costs at a minimum.

  • AAMS will be customized and ”Tailor- made” product specifically designed as per the requirements of MIAL.
  • Combination of automation and implementation of SOP to improve efficiency
  • System supports decision making.
  • Audit trail will be maintained for future reference.
  • AAMS integration layer can source data from other Airport system
  • Single System to display the collaborated data.
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